Airflow Adapters

In order to mount gas turbine components (parts) onto airflow test equipment, including the AF36, the AF16 and the AV1, and to provide measurements, adaptors must be used. Fleming & Associates Calibration, Inc. designs, tests and manufactures both segment and annular adaptors for a wide range of gas turbine components in over 250 designs.

Many adaptors are already available, and adaptors for most components can be furnished with our equipment or ordered at any time. Accuracy of measurements is strongly influenced by adaptor design and manufacture, and Fleming & Associates has been leading the industry in adaptor design for decades.

The following list is an example of the engine manufacturers Fleming produces custom adaptors for:

  • Pratt & Whitney Canada
    • JT15D
    • PT6
    • PW100
  • Honeywell
    • TFE731
    • AGT1500
    • ALF502
  • Rolls Royce
    • 250-C28
    • 250-C30
    • T56
  • General Electric
    • T700
    • T701
    • T64