About Us

Fleming & Associates Calibration, Inc. is a world leader in gas turbine component airflow measurement systems. A gas turbine is a rotary engine that extracts energy from a flow of combustion gas. It has an upstream compressor coupled to a downstream turbine, and a combustion chamber in between. Energy is added to the gas stream in the combustor, where air is mixed with fuel and ignited. Combustion increases the temperature, velocity and volume of the gas flow. This is directed through a nozzle over the turbine's blades, spinning the turbine and powering the compressor. Energy is extracted in the form of shaft power, compressed air and thrust, in any combination, and used to power aircraft, trains, ships, generators, and even tanks.

When gas turbine engines are manufactured, overhauled, repaired or rebuilt, it is critically important to be able to measure the airflow through and over the various components of the engine to insure proper operation. Such measurements are made primarily on the nozzles and turbine vanes. There are various ways of measuring such airflow mechanically, but the only industrially efficient way to do so dynamically is with Fleming & Associates Calibration, Inc. products, primarily the AF36 Airflow Measurement System.

Fleming & Associates Calibration, Inc. has been producing airflow measurement systems for more than a generation and has constantly strived to improve the accuracy and repeatability of our test equipment. Engineering and design have led to improved products and methodology.

The Fleming corporate office and manufacturing facility are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. There are currently six full and two part time employees.

Our Company objective: to serve and support the Aerospace Industry with the most reliable and efficient airflow test equipment and adaptors available today.